How to add attribute

Short name (slug)

Allowed characters: a-z, 0-9, '_' (underscore). Enter attribute name that will be used in resulting shortcode. For example: if you type 'style', you will get next shortcode [shortcode style=""].

Default value

Enter default value for attribute. This value will be used in shortcode if value not specified. Also, this value will be selected by default in shortcode generator.

Field type

You can use different attribute field types to make use of the shortcode easier. Field types will be used in shortcode generator window (Insert shortcode button at post editing screen).

Simple text field. Specified default value will be used as plain text in this field.

Integer value. You can specify minimum and maximum values available in this field and step size.

Color picker. Please set default value with # symbol in beginning. For example: #ffcc00 (yellow), #000 (black).

Dropdown list. You can enter unlimited options for this list in special field "Dropdown options". Use next format:

red|Red color
green|Green color
blue|Blue color

Use option value (not label) to specify default selected value. For example: 'red'

This field works like a check box. It allows you to select the Yes or No option when creating a shortcode. As a default value, use 'yes' or 'no'.

This field allows you to upload files from computer and use uploaded file link as value.

With this field you can select one of galleries that created at Shortcodes Ultimate setting page. You can't use HTML mode with this field, because selected gallery will be returned as PHP array with gallery items.